Monday, 28 May 2012

DAY 10

We have excitement today! Excursion to Sainsburys!  So I am putting together a list of groceries to last us two weeks, so we dont have to do it again soon!  Also calling into Argos to collect vibrating baby chair for imminent first grandchild, and dropping off tin of biscuits and card to staff on my ward - they were all so brilliant - and I know that people who want to complain are always the noisiest, so it is good to get a 'thank you'! While at hospital, also buying extra long 'grabber' as I think mine is too flimsy and not good for picking up small items from the floor.  I can't believe it is just 7 days since I was in hospital, I would never have believed that I would so quickly be on my feet and doing the usual things.

The shop lasted about an hour and a half and I was glad to get back in the car at the end of it!  I started just pushing the trolley with crutch inside it, and that was perfect until it got too heavy, so then just the one crutch.

Came home and had chat with brother: he reckons he can probably have up to ten sessions of physio paid by his insurer.  He is doing, amongst the other normal exercises, leg squats, and lying on front and curling legs up! - none of which I would even think of doing!  So I am beginning to feel that my little exercise regime is a bit feeble and that my muscles will not be working very hard to support the new joint.  Then that I may be compromising my strength in older age, so I do feel concerned and pleased that I will be seeing the physio after the weekend.  The cost of the initial consultation and 5 subsequent half hour sessions will be in the region of £300 I believe, which I cant really afford, but feel is essential to getting back to work in six weeks time and feeling strong through my hip.

The back of my knee is black and blue with bruising and the whole of my lower leg and round my ankle is bruised and tender, but the swelling is going down now.  Had a lovely shower and feel tempted not to put support socks back on, but I do!

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