Thursday, 17 May 2012


Woke up a couple of times - now have 8 pillows of varying density to arrange and actually semi propped up suits be best rather than lying down.  I don't think I snore that way either which is a Good Thing, not that anyone would notice as N is in our bedroom!

Am now comfortably pottering with only left arm crutch, and even no crutch at all whilst standing tidying the airing cupboard or doing stuff in the kitchen.  I wouldn't go into space - that is cross the kitchen - without one crutch, but I can happily 'cruise' along the 3 sides of worktop.  I have been planning my shower later - there are a lot of elements to consider.  I decided that as our shower does not have any shelf in it for products, that hair washing was out due to no bending down to pick stuff up.  So I washed my hair in the kitchen, as that is at a good height, and quite manageable along.  Then carefully assembled on the required items and made sure they were all reachable.  You must have a non slip mat or use an old towel to stand on to guard against slippiness.  I even took the crutch in the shower with me, it makes me feel more secure that way - the shower, along with stairs, is the place where people most frequently damage their new hips - so I was ultra careful.

Apart from getting in and out of bed, I am not in any actual pain, and in fact the pain I feel is mainly down to the bruising on my inner thigh and behind my knee.  For this reason, and to make exercising as pleasant as possible, it is a good idea to take the paracetamol, even if I don't think I need it, I think.

Felt actually quite exhausted with the day's activities and took myself early to bed.

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