Monday, 28 May 2012

DAY 15

Two weeks today since my operation!  I really do feel fantastic!  I am comfortable doing everything I need around the house and have my very efficient grabber for picking up anything from the floor.  It can even pick up paperclips and cotton wool buds it's so precise!  Apart from the tender feeling around the bruising, there is no pain in the joint at all - just a slight dull ache if I do too much.

A colleague from work popped in for coffee and brought flowers cards wine and chocs from everyone, so that was brilliant, and especially hearing all the news and gossip!  The weather is hot and sunny and we sat in the garden.  I have decided I need a recliner, so have found a suitable one from Homebase which is padded and multi position and only 19.99 so we will be going to get it later this week.

I have removed my dressing and inspected the incision with a mirror.  It is very tidy, there are a couple of nylon (?) threads sticking out which I have trimmed off, otherwise the stitches have disappeared and there is just the thin line of the incision with still some bruising towards the front.  Underneath you can feel a lot of tissue, almost cupping my hand around it.  I am amazed that such a short cut can allow all that had to happen, to happen!  I am going to massage Bio Oil into it to help with the healing.  My brother is using E45.  I have just remembered the physio mentioned that some people have found arnica very soothing for the bruises.  In fact I remember my mum taking arnica pills before an operation as she believed it helped the body cope with the stress.  Its probably too late to benefit me now, as my bruising is on the way out: down my leg, to my foot and then away for ever!

Spoke to brother who is on Day 29 and has driven today!  Said he felt very naughty doing it, but had sat in the drive and gone through all the motions including emergency stop and felt confident he would be fine.

I think that now there is not so much daily detail to report that I will add to this blog on a weekly basis and update on my mobility and progress that way!

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