Friday, 18 May 2012


Following new regime was up and dressed etc by 8.30 and took pills with breakfast rather than before on empty stomach as I think this was making me nauseous.  I took a couple of paracetamol and 2 naproxen, which are my NSAIDS from before the operation. 

Spent the morning doing light housework and feel better for being up and about.  Had an after lunch feet up session with the frozen pea treatment on the bruised areas - actually  I would need a freezer-full of veg to simultaneously apply it to all of my bruising!

Spent some time on line researching exercises for post hip op patients.  As I was doing the standing up exercises on the landing alongside the banisters realised that if I had both feet on the floor, as you do, I could actually turn it into a bit more of a routine and exercise the above waist bits as well, so I spent some time on the internet to see if there was a dvd aimed at post hip op people. Again found plenty of items from US but nothing quite what I was looking for!  I'll keep looking and do a link if and when I find one.

I did find Arthritis UK though and that was brilliant I think that right at the beginning when I was first informed I had osteoarthritis I had a look around the site.  For me, in my early fifties I just said 'I've got a problem with my hip' I really thought arthritis was for old people and I didn't see myself like that.  Now at 60 it is relevant!  And certainly on this site there is an expectation that physiotherapy will play a large part in the short term (first 6 weeks) and long term recovery.  Hydroptherapy was mentioned as well, so I felt confident that there should be more help available for me and everyone else who has just had this major operation.  So I tried to call the surgery to book a telephone conversation appointment with my doctor but it was always engaged and I gave up for today.

The bruising is spreading down my leg, really painful behind my knee where the top of the sock cuts into the swollen area - sound lovely doesn't it! I measured the knee and the thigh and it is actually only about an inch bigger than the other leg, but it looks huge to me.

Have called OT and arranged to collect a longer length grabber cost £7.00. It seems sturdy and more exact than mine and far less expensive than  anything on Amazon. 

It was a lovely evening so we set off for a short circular walk which ended up taking around 30 minutes, half the time with both crutches and then with just the one and Nick's arm.  It was painfree, really, though there is a stiffness which sometimes feels like pain.  I did feel a little light headed once but it passed.  We had supper then I climbed on to my elevated 3 seater sofa, stretched out and raised my leg on cushions, glass of wine, blissfully comfortable!

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