Monday, 28 May 2012

DAYS 12 AND 13

This is my second weekend home and quite a contrast to the first!.

My first social outing today with my cousin to a gastro pub, which if I had walked would have been about quarter of an hour, but of course, I didn't, we nipped up in the car!  I was concerned about height of chairs and also the loo side of things, so we arrived early to make sure we secured a table with chairs rather than the sofas with coffee tables or stools, and found the perfect position.  I cannot tell you how lovely it was to be back in the world and away from medical concerns!  I just took one crutch as I am finding that totally comfortable inside and for short distances - I would definitely take both for a walk.

This pub, being newly refurbished, has every disabled person's dream of a loo, with plenty of room, bars to support you, things at the right height, brilliant, so I need not have worried.  I nearly dispatched Nick in advance with a tape measure to check the facilities, I was so concerned.  A normal height loo with no handrails would be totally impossible.  One could get on it but not off it I think!.

After lunch we decided a visit to TKMaxx in search of handbags might be a good idea, and that was a great success, I must have been on my feet for an hour or so in total, with no discomfort at all.

Sunday was a quiet day with a couple of feet up rests - I could tell that I had maybe done a bit too much the day before.

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